About the Service navigator

What is the Service navigator?

Welcome to the Service navigator: your one-stop shop for all services offered to schools by the Educational Services division.

As part of the department's commitment to addressing the administration burden on schools, we have developed a tool in conjunction with school leaders, teachers and SAS staff that will easily help you find answers to school services you require and link you to the school services contacts in your area. 


Basic user guide

How to use the search bar

The service navigator is powered by a search engine called Elasticsearch. 

Type in keywords or phrases of what you are looking for - like you would in a Google search. The search engine will display services it believes are relevant to your search.

We are continually refining this tool and you may come across a search term that yields no results. Send us an email and we will try and rectify this by the next version release. 

Troubleshooting guide

I cannot see my local school services contacts

Some users may work from multiple locations or schools - and the Service navigator may not pick up your primary location. 

Corporate/State office staff will not have any school services contacts attached to their login. 

If you are currently seeing the wrong location in the 'who to contact' section, you will need to contact EdConnect and explain your role (permanent/casual/contractor) and what the correct location should be. EdConnect should then direct your query to the appropriate team (HR or ITD IDM Provisioning team).

If you still experience issues, please email us and we'll also try and help you rectify the issue. 

In the meantime, you can access your school services contacts via our direct website.

Versions of the Service navigator

Version 1

Building on the knowledge and feedback received from the beta version, we worked with teachers, school leaders and non-teaching school-based staff to redevelop the tool. 

We've added additional services and the Service navigator was also replatformed on another web platform (Adobe Experience Manager) from its previous platform Squiz Matrix.

It relies on a new search engine called Elasticsearch to help users find what they are looking for. 


Contact us

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